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End Of Year TVC shot for Delhaize together with TBWA. A combination of Phantom & RED camera. They asked us to create 6x15 seconds movies where we are really close in the food and it must be mouthwatering!


Images for the rebranding of iconic sandwich bar PANOS. We created colourful, in-your-face images for instore and the whole menu. The brief was clear: make it pop, make it cool. In collaboration with MAKE production and DE VLOER Agency.

McDonalds Romania

TVC for McDonalds Romania (DDB Romania). We worked on 2 sets with 2 foodstylists and livestreamed the images straight to Romania, so the client could give feedback as if they were live on set. A combination of RED images and motion controlled high speed Phantom images.


Images for the social media rebranding of Affligem (HAVAS Agency Brussels).

LU biscuits

Three TVC spots for LU, following a cookie from its unwrapping to being eaten. The handheld camera gives natural movements, steering clear from static images. Close-ups inbetween focus on the structure and deliciousness of the cookies.


Images for KitchenAid (Emakina Agency). We shoot the annual catalogue of new items (so we get a sneak peek of the new colours), along with recipes and lifestyle shots. The shoots are always on location, to create an authentic look and feel, and to have enough diversity in settings and backgrounds.

Delhaize Summer 2023

Gifs for Delhaize's digital summer campaign in 2023. Stop-motion style images with hard light.


Everybody loves burgers, and we love shooting them too. Selection of images for different clients.

Tilda Rice

Explosions for Tilda Rice (Bosto Group), in collaboration with Bubka Agency. A very technical shoot, as the explosions of colour had to appear at a very same moment the vegetables were cut.

McDonalds Overview

Selection of images for McDonalds (TBWA), for which we work for almost ten years now. From a basic cheeseburger to all seasonal specials, from McFlurry toppings to the whole breakfast range: each and every item on the McDonalds menu has been in our studio!

Foodmaker TV spot

Foodmaker. A loyal customer that we know already for a long time. We've grown together with them and if you see how many stores they have right now, it's insane. They've put everything in this project to make it possible and they can be proud of the result. Done in collaboration with Hotel Hungaria


Images shot for the European Commission, promoting local and certified cheeses.


TVC campaign for Liefmans beer (Egghunter), with focus on ice as an essential ingredient. Close-ups filmed with Phantom camera, packshot with RED camera.


A treat to eat, a treat to shoot. Selection of images for different clients.


Selection of images for different clients and brands, including Leffe, Bofferding, Grimbergen, Roman, ...

Red Devils Burger

TVC campaign for McDonalds (TBWA), for the Belgian Red Devils Burger. Stamped at the studio, filmed with the Phantom for optimal effect.

Ardo Group

Images shot for the rebranding of Ardo (FOCUS Agency), a family-run global player in fresh-frozen products. The images fit the new more modern style of the brand.


The juicy meat, the burned edges, the smokey fire, ... there's always something going on during a barbecue.


Technical photoshoot for the South-Arabian market of Bavaria beer (Wunderman Thompson Brussels). We created a dynamic, fresh look by combining shots of drop and splashed with flying cans and bottles.

Instagram Delhaize

Instagram reels that we shoot on a regular base for the online Delhaize campaigns (Gicom Agency).

Foodstylist Website

Images for food stylist Ann De Roy, with whom we work a lot. Focus is on the raw products and ingredients, with added drama thanks to the darker tones.


Sweet tooth? Selection of images for different chocolate brands, from little chocolatiers to big players.


Static images for Chimay beer and cheese (HUNGRY MINDS Agency Namur).


Shaken, stirred, ... anything goes at the studio. Selection of cocktail images for different brands and clients.


We're very proud to call Delhaize one of our loyal clients for over 20 years now. From the magazine to social and OOH campaigns: it's a treat to be part of the brand for such a long time now.


Images for the latest Delhaize BBQ campaign, for digital OOH and online gifs.


Different desserts in different styles, for different clients and brands.


Images for the European Commission, highlighting local produce, grouped by colour.


Fishy business for different clients and brands.


Images for Foodmaker, a brand we're happy to work with for years. A recent rebranding asked for some more modern images, focussing on the ingredients and dishes.


Portraits of all chefs that are part of the Foodmarket in Gare Maritime in Brussels.


Freshly-picked, straight from the vegetable patch: you can't ignore the beauty of a green garden. Selection of images from over the years.

Gatsu Gatsu

Images for the launch of Gatsu Gatsu restaurant (WeWantMoreStudio).Hard lighting and flying noodles: iconic.

Gulden Draak

Images for Gulden Draak beer. The brief was to go beyond usual beer images, so we threw things in the air to see what happens.

Hamal Group

Images for Hamal/Delio, another client we're happy to work with for years now.


Herve Cheese has been a client for years, and always give us the freedom to get creative and try out new things.


Images shot for the IKEA restaurants (DDB Brussels), capturing the iconic simple-yet-fun IKEA brand in images.


OOH campaign for Knorr (Duval Guillaume), with pure ingredients and products on a striking black backdrop.


Images shot for the Swedish Lantmännen Unibake Cooporation.From hot dog rolls to burger buns: the whole range was captured on set.


OOH images for Lindemans beer. Answering the brief, we aimed for an authentic, pure style with plenty of texture to add some depth.

McDonalds Litter

Images for the McDonalds litter campaign (TBWA), a surprising message that got awarded with a Grand Prix at the Creative Belgium Awards in 2023.


Images for the McMistakes campaign (TBWA), a recruiting campaign visualizing mistakes that are almost unthinkable to be made. In line with the 'usual' McDonalds campaigns, these seemingly posters play with the iconic, instantly recognizable visual style of the brand.


OOH images shot for Mc Donalds as part of the Pride campaign in Brussels.


Selection of meaty images for different clients and brands.


OOH campaign images we made for Postel cheese (Hapiness Agency).


A selection of images for different clients, focusing on mise-en-place and final dishes.


OOH campaign for Schweppes, in collaboration art director Hugues Legros. Two different tastes, two differents moods.


Images for St Moret (Savencia Group), in collaboration with art director Hugues Legros.


A series of images for Val-Dieu beer, for which we created different settings and atmospheres per beer type.


Images for the rebranding of the whole bakery and patisserie department of Vandemoortele (Focus Advertising). A lot of shoots, a lot of fun!


Serie of images the Chinese market For Vandermoortele (Focus Advertising Agency).


TVC for Dilea, playing with the idea that 'real' milk is replaced by Dilea milk. In collaboration with Goodmorning agency and producer Bérengère Lurquin.

Unleash the Beast

Our first free work-related film we did. This was the moment we realized how fun filming food was. In the meantime, it turned out to be a good base for other videos that we shot in the same style.

Tasty You

Digital OOH Campaign for Tasty You, a range of pizza and pasta dishes you can find in Delhaize stores.

Zot van Koken

TVC created for the promotion of chef Loïc Van Impe's cookbook.


Digital OOH campaign created for Savencia Cheese Group.

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