Studio Wauters is the go-to place for all food photography and (high-speed) film productions.
Experience, skill and a top-notch team make sure we've got what it takes to develop all food content needs. With a modular, custom approach, Studio Wauters services all types of shoots and productions, from small sessions to all-inclusive productions.

Our team

Bart and Marc, together with their specialised team of professionals, will give you a warm welcome in the studio in Overijse, near Brussels. Thanks to years of experience, everyone on set knows exactly what to do, creating a welcoming, casual environment and a smooth collaboration.

We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements for every unique client, going for a personalised experience. According to the needs of the brief, we can rely on a wonderful team of specialists
We've got 4 in-house photographers, topped of with a bunch of freelance experts in their field: food stylists and chefs, DOP(videographers), prop stylists, ...
Wether you just need one photographer, or you need a full team: we can mix and match according to what you and your brand requests.

Our studio

Hidden behind a nondescript garage door, there's a whole world of food content creation ready to be discovered.
Our fully-equipped studio in Overijse has all you need, from kitchens to cutlery and from backdrops to ... And of course, we've got the latest and best photography and video equipment to deliver stunning, high-quality results.

- PHASE ONE & NIKON cameras and objectifs
- High-speed PHANTOM camera
- 3 fixed kitchen set-ups and modular options
- 2500+ prop collection
- Backdrops and surfaces
- ...

Our Phantom & Robot Arm

The Phantom is a premium high-speed camera, and currently the best in the industry. It can record video at up to 76 000 frames per second, resulting in super sharp, ultra precise shots. This makes the camera ideal to capture ..., for slow-motion video reels and super close-up precision shots.
As high-speed technology changes quickly, you need a skilled videographer to creates the best imagery. Luckily, we've got one! Check out some examples of what we've don with the Phantom right here.

Our story

Studio Wauters started in 1987, when Marc launched his own photography studio in his parents in law attic. 
Things really took off when he won the call to shoot the new 'Ons Kookboek', the must-have cookbook for everyone. High key images, white tones, empty plating: Marc's approach - which wasn't seen a lot at the time - proved to be exactly what was needed to impress the Boerinnenbond and many more food clients afterwards.
 From an attic, the studio upgraded to a former car garage. Rolls-Royces made way for kitchens, cameras and backdrops. 

In 2008, son Bart joined the team after graduating from Narafi. Clearly a good decision, as he too won the 'Ons Kookboek'-call.

More work, means a bigger team and gradually plenty of freelancers joined over the years. Sam is the third photographer in the team, while stylists Ann, Sonja, Corinne, ... knew their way around the studio better than anyone. Most recently, Micha and Brent joined forces to dig even deeper into the world of video and moving images. 

Let's work together - get in touch.